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Fishing Lakes - Back Lane and Shackerland

Back Lane Fishing Lakes

Wander up the Back Lane beyond the last of the houses, and you'll see on your right the white gun towers of the Gun Club. The towers are situated by three large ponds or lakes, and sometimes you'll see people fishing here.

The lakes on this stretch of private land are rented and managed by the West Suffolk College Fishing Club. The club's founder member is Brian Nunn.

Adamfish‘WSC Fishing Club is primarily a club for staff members of West Suffolk College,' said Brian. ‘Members compete in a league, and have a yearly schedule of competition matches at fishing lakes around the area. Each year the winner is presented with a Club Shield.

‘The Badwell Ash lakes are our home grounds. We use the lakes for pleasure fishing and competition practice, and the large central lake is also used for home matches.'

The middle lake is the biggest. The club has dug out shallow, flat-bottomed areas for seating around the banks giving 13 equally spaced ‘swims' (places to fish) around the lake.

There is a wide variety of fish found in the lakes; carp, perch, skimmer bream, roach and rudd.

The lakes are maintained by the club. The swims are kept clear, encroaching reeds are kept in check, and litter is picked up.

The club gets some financial help from the College's Staff Association, but relies on annual membership fees to keep afloat.

The club has some limited availability for local people to use the lakes for pleasure fishing. Local seniors, adults, children and families can join as associate members on a yearly basis. The club only accepts responsible members. ‘People need to respect the environment. It's a beautiful place. It needs to be well-maintained and kept tidy; no littering or mis-use,' said Brian Nunn. Pleasure fishing is not permitted during Gun Club hours or during competition matches.

The Birds from Badwell have a family membership. ‘We love fishing,' said Tracey Bird. ‘It's addictive.' Sometimes the family takes a picnic and spends the day fishing. ‘It's lovely up there, peaceful and beautiful. A great sport and a great day out.'

Call Brian Nunn for further information on 01359 242879


Shackerland Hall Lake

This lake, a flooded disused gravel pit, is on private land. The lake is accessed by a gate on Westley Way and public footpaths from Hunston Road and Westley Way. Fishing is run by the Bury St Edmunds Angling Association for its members. To join, or for more information, contact the treasurer of BSE Angling, Steve Bull, on 07831 494001 or email stevebully@hotmail.co.uk. An annual season ticket is required, which runs from the 1st of April.